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Working for Peanuts

Working for Peanuts or Making Peanuts Work For You

Make a Pile Pushing Peanuts – Purchase Your Own Roaster

What makes this opportunity special? Purchasing your own roaster allows you to both make and serve the original health nut: The Peanut. Owning a roaster allows you to actually roast peanuts on-site in front of your customers and passersby.

Now We’re Talking PEANUTS

The real advantage of the roaster is what we call the 4 A’s of concession and Flea Market success, which you get with a roaster as the focal  point of  your operation:

  • AROMA – The customers will be drawn by the smell of FRESH ROASTED NUTS
  • ACTION – The nuts turning in the drum make a good visual show and that is what draws them to the booth along with the aroma
  • AUDIO – Another way to get attention is the sound of them flipping around the roaster
  • ANTICIPATION – Waiting for the batch to finish and taste the fresh warm in shell peanuts


Read the facts and watch the video for more info.

Your Return on Investment

The payback on a roaster will naturally depend on what you pay for your peanuts and what you sell them for. But as an average, you should be able to pay for it in anywhere from 350 to 500 pounds of peanuts sold.  That can be anything from a good weekend at a fair to a few months in a store location. 

Either way, what it is intended to do is get attention and make people keep coming back to your market for the uniqueness of fresh roasted peanuts, time after time.

Check Out Our Popular Toasty Roaster in Action

Toasty Roaster Stats

  • Dimensions are: 25″ high  x  25 1/2 ” wide  x  18″ deep
  • Weight approx.  65 pounds
  • It will roast 7 pounds of in-the-shells (or more for shelled) per batch.
  • Roasting time: 25 – 35 minutes per batch to roast.
  • Stainless steel warming and roasting  chamber
  • Bottom warmer compartment is lighted and will hold about 15 pounds of warm roasted nuts
  • This 120 volt (13 amp) UL-S (Sanitary) Approved unit is easy to set up and use. You will become an expert after the first batch

List Price: $2995  Special Introduction Price $2495


We also have the Olde Tyme Nut Butter Grinder to make the freshest and best peanut and other nut butters anyone has ever tasted to add to your: Nut Hut, Peanut Gallery, Nut Shack… See our full line of roasters and grinders.

Contact us and we will be glad to help you develop your business idea.

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      Working for Peanuts

      19th century peanut roaster

      We sell peanut roasters! Need to add a peanut roaster to your business? Want to create a business around roasting peanuts? Roasting peanuts 'on-site' has has been a time honored tradition since the 1880's throughout the U.S. and it is on the verge of a comeback. Learn more about why working for peanuts can be a great idea.

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