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Why Purchase A Peanut Roaster?

Why Purchase A Peanut Roaster?

Peanuts are not junk food

We have over 20 years in the peanut business helping to provide customers from supermarkets to stadiums with their in-shell peanuts.


Roasting peanuts ‘on-site’ has has been a time honored tradition since the 1880’s throughout the U.S. and it is on the verge of a comeback.  But, why should it with so many food choices available today?  Simply because peanuts are a healthy, natural snack that have a low cost and high nutritional content.  Nothing else compares to them and when made available, most everyone will say, “I’ll have some peanuts”. 

antique peanut roasters

If you choose this great addition to your product mix or just  jump in and create a peanut business, you will find a universally accepted product with year around  supply availability at a price that is most always stable.  In fact, in the 20 years I have been ‘working for peanuts’, the wholesale price has not even gone up enough to keep up with inflation.  The price per pound for raw in-the-shell peanuts has been under $.75 for over twenty five years.  That is less than  a nickle per ounce, so a 4 oz. bag should cost a vendor less than $.20 raw and $.25 roasted.  The profit potential for such an item is as healthy as the peanuts are themselves. So, read on and see if this is good for you, than give us a call at 800-946-8688 or fill out the contact form below, and we can see if it is a good fit.


Antique peanut roasters (right) are from the 1890’s. These are some examples of the many “street corner” style peanut roasters that were found everywhere in America.  Gone today, but people have begun restoring some of these antique roasters to new life.

Below are some examples of different types of roasters that are used today

Some Peanut Roasters Used Today

antique Royal #5 Peanut Roaster

ROYAL #5 Antique 1912.
Fully restored.

propane run roaster

Portable propane roaster.
Uses a car battery for power.

gas run roaster

Hand Made Gas Roaster.
Roasts 25 – 40 # per batch.

new Royal Roaster

The Royal redone.
A new, smaller version.





From left to right, is the ROYAL #5 Antique 1912 fully restored. It has been chrome plated and fully re-conditioned. A real beauty and turning lots of profit and peanuts for its owner in New York. Next, is the portable propane roaster that uses a car battery for power source and propane bottle for heat source. Currently in use in flea markets, concession stands and farmers markets around the U.S.. Then there is a gas roaster that is hand made to order in various sizes from 25 to 40# per batch. They all roast about 25# of peanuts per batch in around 30 to 40 minutes. Last is a smaller new version of the Royal.

See Our Popular Toasty Nut Roaster in Action

The Toasty Nut Roaster is very easy to  operate; it will roast 7 pounds of  in shell peanuts (or other nuts) per batch.  Depending on the type of nut it can take from 25 to 35 minutes to complete the process.  At that time the nuts are dropped into the heated and lighted warming chamber to be vended to customers who want a hot, fresh and healthy snack.

Find out more about the Toasty Nut Roaster and our other roasters.

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    We sell peanut roasters! Need to add a peanut roaster to your business? Want to create a business around roasting peanuts? Roasting peanuts 'on-site' has has been a time honored tradition since the 1880's throughout the U.S. and it is on the verge of a comeback. Learn more about why working for peanuts can be a great idea.

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