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Cretors Popcorn Salt

Cretors Original Butter Flavored Popcorn Salt

Not just for popcon anymore! Try sprinkling this butter flavored salt on vegetables, seafood, anywhere you desire an extra butter flavor zip.

Available in 50 lb. bulk bag-in-box.

12 oz Antique T-3000

12oz. Antique T-3000

12oz. Antique T-3000 240 one ounce servings per hour. The antique design is inspired by Cretors machines built over a century ago. The Antique T-3000 Plus Popper is made of stainless steel welded construction. Upgrades for the Antique T-3000 Plus include the Cretors exclusive hot-air conditioner system, and wiring and tubing for automatic pump installation. Standard features include a one-piece clean-in-place stainless steel or nickel plated all-steel kettle which has a twist lock plug for easy removal if necessary. The counter-balance dump system makes dumping the kettle easy and efficient. The cabinet contains a heat lamp that keeps popcorn fresh and warm until serving. Rocker control switches at eye level provide easy operation with illuminated kettle heat switch. Other features include a heated corn deck, drop shelf, and tempered safety glass windows. The optional One-Pop Feature is a patented Cretors exclusive feature. With a single push of a button, the kettle will heat, pop a batch of corn, and shut off after one popping cycle.The Antique T-3000 comes with an original hand painted scroll replica. The stainless steel frame is painted with Cretors special powder coating that resists scratching. A matching two-wheel red cart is also available. The popper is UL and UL Sanitation approved.

Electrical: 230V/50HZ; 1800 Watts Dimensions: Counter Model: 55.88D x 63.50W x 93.98H — Shipping: 66.04D x 73.66W x 116.84H

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