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Cajun Creole and Hampton Farms

Cajun Creole Products Represents Hampton Farms

We proudly represent Hampton Farms the In-Shell Peanut Innovator. Hampton Farms As a primary suppliers of inshell peanuts to the trade, we can help develop a peanut program for you and your establishment. We can service you from one of three plants strategically located around the U.S.: the main one in Severn, NC (the northeast corner of the state), Springfield, MA, and now the new one in Portales, NM. We can take care of your orders. Our goal is customer satisfaction based on quality, price and building a relationship that you can trust, now and in the future.

Being the innovative leader in the inshell business means doing business with an eye to the future, but with a strong footing in the traditions of the peanut business. Since 1917 the founders of Hampton Farms have been in the peanut business. First as farmers and later as processors and packagers of the “Finest From The Fields (TM)”, they are committed to living up to the good name that they have earned in the industry.

When you deal with us you can be assured that you will be looked after as more than just a customer. We are successful when you are successful. The tremendous growth of the past 10 years is a credit and testimonial to the people that make up the Hampton Farms family and their commitment to you, the customer.

Cajun Creole Hot Nuts

Hot Nuts

In 1989, we partnered with Hampton Farms to develop the Cajun Creole Hot Nuts and the rest is peanut history. By adding a new “wrinkle” to the inshell peanut, we made a fun food into a more fun food.

You can heat up your produce and snack sales by adding a little Cajun sizzle to your product mix. For more info check out out Hot Nuts product page

Major League Baseball Peanuts

major league baseball peanuts

The Major League Baseball peanuts are the perfect sports/product tie-in. They’re a natural! With all the teams covered, we’ve got all your bases covered. As the season kicks in, make sure you pick a winner: Hampton Farms. Available in salted in shell (SIS) or plain roasted in shell (RIS) in 12 oz. (most teams) or 16 oz. (some teams). They come in a great display case (pictured) that will build sales without taking up shelf space. A great price for a high value item.

Roasted and Salted Hampton Farms Family

display case of Hampton Farms peanuts

And completing the lineup we have the MVP of our league: The roasted and salted Hampton Farms family. Here they are shown in the new shipper display that simply can’t be beat. And I do mean simple.

They can be set up in minutes and achieve a store presence that will get attention and encourage your customers to “think peanuts” and than “buy peanuts”. So, go with a name you can trust: Hampton Farms. You may not be familiar with it now, but you will be.


Other Store Displays

display of Hampton Farms peanuts and hot nuts

display of Hot Nuts


  • Many packaged sizes to choose from (4 oz., 8 oz. 10 oz., 12, oz., 16 oz. 20 oz. 3 lb., lb.,and 5 lb.)
  • Bulk product is available to certain classes of trade, packaged in 25 lb boxes, 50 and 100 lb. sacks.
  • For peanut roasters we provide raw peanuts in bulk and some packaged sizes.
  • Valencia peanuts are also available, please ask.
  • Contact us for blanched peanuts. Also available: roasted peanut splits for peanut butter and granulated peanuts.

To contact a sales rep for more information fill out our contact form below or call us now at 337-229-8464 or 800-946-8688. Thanks for stopping by!

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